Dinner Party? Forget All the Wine Rules

Getting the right wine for the meals you have prepared is considered an art form but we sometimes give too much focus on what experts say that we forget  one thing: when it comes to wine, it all boils down to what we truly like and enjoy. Following the rules is easier, of course, with your all-purpose red paired with red meat and fish and seafood dishes paired with crisp whites. However, there is joy in being adventurous from time to time and there is definitely that peace that one feels when we choose what we truly want.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t listen to experts. We should. They are there to guide us but we also must not forget that the final decision is in the hands of the drinker or in the case of a dinner party, the host.


Forget all the wine rules for a minute and focus on what you want. Love sweet wine? Pair our Virginia Blush with a rack of lamb. This beautiful rosé is versatile and gives the right kick when paired with lamb. If you’re thinking of pork chops with mashed potatoes, Virginia Blush will be able to complement the dish quite well, too.


You can always go back to the basics of course but do not be afraid to mix and match. You can have a fruity red like our Ambaristo with steak for that distinctive spicy kick. Most people automatically pair steak with a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon like our Basi Maria (although ours, of course, has one other ingredient: sugarcane) but even wine experts agree that doing this is akin to limiting yourself to what the wine world has to offer. 


Imagine being at your dinner party and are about to serve beautiful steak for your guests. Imagine the smell of grilled flavours wafting from your kitchen and limiting yourself and your guests to a cab. A bottle of cabernet sauvignon is nice, of course, but in the spirit of trying out new flavours, you should serve your steak with big chardonnays. Steak is beautiful with our white wine Basidina, I kid you not. If you are planning a trip up north, you should visit either Smoke Bar and Restaurant or Bellagio Hills because they serve great steak. Smoke’s Chris Stolk will likely ask you if you are sure about your Basidina and steak pairing, the way he asked me if I am sure about my Basidina and rack of lamb but do not change your mind. I know you won’t once you’ve tried this pairing at home though. Some whites like our Basidina have such a rich texture that goes so well steak. There is this balance, this peace in this pairing.

Pairing wine also depends on the chef or on you, the home cook. Some chefs will make their food with a particular wine in mind while others do colourblind cooking of sorts. I belong to that group of home cooks because most of the food that I prepare will pair well with big reds, white, or a nice rosé. You only need to think of the texture in this case. You can also take a look at the sauce and focus on that. If you made steak with white wine sauce, you need a nice white wine and not a red. If you prepared fish with a nice tomato-based sauce, you just crossed the border that separates white wine from red. Go with the red in this case. 

If you have questions about pairings, do not hesitate to send us a message. I will personally attend to your questions. Have a good day!


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