Basi del Diablo Winemaker Announces Love for Carrot Cake Manila

Carrot Cake Manila, a shop in Tandang Sora that is famous for its yummy carrot cake, now carries Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo. While that is one of the reasons why Basi del Diablo loves the bakery, “the basi-carrot cake relationships goes way back,” according to Sissel Salucop, Salucop Group, Inc.’s finance chief and part-time winemaker.  Carrot Cake Manila has its roots in Ilocos Norte’s La Preciosa, one of the best Ilocano restaurants in the Ilocos Region.

“I may not be the resident winemaker now since my sister Sigrid is running the show but I can tell you that the basi-carrot connection has been around for a while. We started pairing La Preciosa’s carrot cake with Basidina when we first made the wine and it was incredible,” Sissel Salucop says.

“Carrot Cake Manila’s carrot cake is beautiful and comforting. I am jealous that I don’t live in Quezon City or in Batac anymore,” she adds.

Suggested Pairing: Basidina or De La Bodega

Order Wine and Carrot Cake Today!

Ramos Compound, Carmel 3 Subdivision, Tandang Sora
Quezon City, Philippines 1116
0917 813 4531



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