Basidina in Your Stew and More

Wine and food are like lovers separated only by the limiting rules we set for ourselves or limitations such as the lack of desire to cook with wine, the lack of inclination to be slaving in the kitchen and pairing what we made with a glass of wine, and possibly, diet restrictions per the order of our GPs.

No Wine for Ilocanos During Ramon, Sarah Onslaught

The office of Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc just released Executive Order No. 36-19, effectively prohibiting the “sale, giving, offering, purchase, consumption, and serving of intoxicating drinks during the onslaught of Typhoon Ramon and Tropical Depression Sarah”.

Virginia Blush on a Plate? We Say Yes To That!

This Christmas, customers who are fond of Basi del Diablo’s rosé Virginia Blush can finally put the wine on a plate instead of a wine glass. A generous amount of wine poured onto a sizzling skillet or any other dish will always elevate one’s cooking and in this article, we will talk about incorporating Virginia Blush to soups, stews, brine, marinades, reductions, and sauces.

Dinner Party? Forget All the Wine Rules

Getting the right wine for the meals you have prepared is considered an art form but we sometimes give too much focus on what experts say that we forget  one thing: when it comes to wine, it all boils down to what we truly like and enjoy.

Get Hooked With These Basi-Seafood Pairings

Years ago, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a nice rosé or pure basi for seafood. My go-to were always crisp white wines that were served cold and more often than not, my choices were Italian or French. Things have changed since the launch of Basi del Diablo Wines and now, this great granddaughter of a basi maker, has turned into one of the heritage wines’ biggest fans.

Meet Our Soulful, Pink Wine

Whenever I am unsure of something, I go to mama. When I am unsure what to serve when hosting a party, I reach for her wine.