Dinner Party? Forget All the Wine Rules

Getting the right wine for the meals you have prepared is considered an art form but we sometimes give too much focus on what experts say that we forget  one thing: when it comes to wine, it all boils down to what we truly like and enjoy.

Basi del Diablo Winemaker Announces Love for Carrot Cake Manila

Carrot Cake Manila, a shop in Tandang Sora that is famous for its yummy carrot cake, now carries Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo. While that is one of the reasons why Basi del Diablo loves the bakery, “the basi-carrot cake relationships goes way back,” according to Sissel Salucop, Salucop Group, Inc.’s finance chief and…

Basi del Diablo Joins Fundraiser for Museo Ilocos Norte

Salucop Group, Inc.’s wine brand Basi del Diablo joined the fundraiser for Museo Ilocos Norte on November 9th, 2019, an event organised by the Gameng Foundation. The small museum located at the old Tabacalera warehouse in Laoag is among the best ethnographic museums in the country.

Basi del Diablo to Host French Night with Smoke

The chef is one of the best in the region so you can be sure that French Night at Smoke on the 1st will be another gastronomic event to remember. Chris sets the bar when it comes to these things. We are very excited,” Sigrid Salucop, the resident winemaker of the Basi del Diablo brand says. 

Cafe Buho, Special to Basi del Diablo Winemaker

Cafe Buho is among the first bistros that took on the wines while Bellagio is the second hotel that said yes to offering the wines to its clientele, according to an article written by Juanito Alvidrez, one of Basi del Diablo’s wine ambassadors. 

Basi del Diablo, Bellagio Thank Wine Pairing Night Guests

“We are lucky that we have the support of our friends here in Ilocos Norte. Their attendance means a lot to us especially now that the wines are still in its early stages commercially,” Sigrid Salucop, the brand’s director and the CEO of Salucop Group, Inc says.