Where to Drink Virginia Blush While in Ilocos

Visiting Ilocos Norte soon? If you’ve heard of our wine Virginia Blush and want to try it, you can buy it from the following establishments:

  • Smoke Bar & Restaurant
  • Bellagio Hills & Restaurant
  • La Preciosa
  • Fort Ilocandia
  • Wilfred’s

If you are planning to stay in Pagudpud to enjoy the beach, the two resorts below carry Basi del Diablo Wines and they have Virginia Blush!

  • North Beach Camp
  • Kingfisher Kitesurfing Hotel


You can also buy by the glass at:

  • Smoke Bar & Restaurant
  • Cafe Buho, Bellagio Hills


Wine Profile


Virginia Blush is a sweet and refreshing pink wine made from sugarcane and grapes. This unique concoction has subtle hints of strawberries and citrus. According to the sommelier and general manager at the Bellagio Hills, it is a wine created to be enjoyed immediately.



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