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(Description from “Ambaristo Can Kick Your Cravings To The Curb”) 

Ambaristo is a sweet little fruit bomb. I’d say that it is a gorgeous little number but that will not do it justice. The resident winemaker Sigrid Salucop describes it better. In one article that she wrote for the wines, Salucop said, “Of the many delightful transformations that Ambaristo has gone through, the happiest was the moment that the company decided on providing balance and nuance.” This may be a sweet wine but it is not jammy and will never be overly sweet for those who have a sweet tooth.

It also boasts a lighter body compared to the Basi Maria, one of the brand’s best sellers. Ambaristo, as Salucop puts it, “still has some boisterousness left in its body” and that is a good thing. A very good thing if I may say so myself because to me, noisy wines are best for celebrations and for moments when you just want a little bit of happiness. Another good thing about this wine is the fact that it contains all the health benefits that other reds offer.



Basi Puro may be the first wine from Basi del Diablo but Basidina inspired every other bottle that followed. This crisp white wine is named after the winemakers’ mother Dina. This is a beautiful concoction made from sugarcane and chardonnay. The winemakers say that the wine’s citrus notes and its bouquet remind them of the rainy days they spent with their mother. Dina passed away in 2010.

Basi Maria
(Description from “My Lola Maria and the Wine Named After Her”)

I thought of her and my very few memories of her while making Basi Maria. I knew that the wine had to be red. It had to have an intense red colour with enough purplish hues to give it depth. It had to have a delicate fragrance and an elegance characterised by complexity. It had to have a full body and tannins that would deliver a subtle spiciness when eaten with rich, creamy dishes. It is difficult to plan all these but after years of testing, we finally found the sweet spot for the Basi Maria brand.

Basi Maria is intense with an almost forgettable bitter finish. It offers a polished taste of the Old World with a high alcohol content that makes it generous in the mouth. Like my grandmother, it is not overbearing and its structure makes up for its lack of sweetness. It is perfect for rainy days or when it is cold. It is my ode to her and to all the afternoons that she spent with me and my sister.

Basi Puro

In Ilocos Norte, basi is ordinary and often ignored. A simple table wine enjoyed by farmers and fisherfolk alike, it is the very embodiment of Ilocano tradition. Basi Puro is a refined version of the basi that you will find in Ilocano markets. 

De La Bodega
(Description from “It’s a Beautiful Night for De La Bodega”)

De La Bodega is a creamy semi-frizzante. It is best paired with food that have opposing profiles. Bitter chocolate and spicy food, for example, would bring out its complexity. It  also pairs well with lemon meringue pie and other desserts with a slight tartness.

Virginia Blush
(Description from “Meet Our Soulful Pink Wine”)

Virginia Blush is often described as a simple rosé but underneath its inviting crystal pink hue is a cheerful wine meant to be versatile rather than just drank for or with dessert. It is an indispensable ally for dinner parties, especially when one is at a loss on what wine to serve. It does pair well with pastries and cakes but can hold its own when drank with pasta topped with rich, creamy sauce. Interestingly, this sugarcane and grape concoction also goes well with red sauce.


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  1. Jay Labrador says:


    Could you send me a price list of your products?



    1. Sigrid Salucop says:

      We will send you a message through Facebook sir! Thank you

      1. Kevin Zuasola says:

        Could you also send me the price list of your products?

      2. Hi Mr. Zuasola! Thank you so much for your interest in our wines. Could you please provide us with your email address? The yahoomail address you provided isn’t working for some strange reason. You can also contact us through our contact form

  2. patrick says:

    How much for 5 bottles with postage to be sent to sydney australia?

    1. Juanito Alvidrez says:

      An email will be sent to you soon sir! Thank you so much for your interest in Basi del Diablo Wines.

  3. Flamenqo says:

    Hi, what is the alcohol content (percent alcohol) of your wines?

      1. jade says:

        hi, how much for each wine? thanks

      2. Hi Jade, sorry for the delay. Basidina/Virginia Blush/Maria 550, Ambaristo 600, DLB 1250, Basi Puro 400.

  4. Alfredo says:

    Is there any store or shop that i can buy your wines near Manila?

    1. Hi Alfredo! Unfortunately, we haven’t started rolling out large quantities of wine to Manila. We are working on it. You will get an update when the wines are available in the area. For now, we ship our wines to Manila straight from the North. Thank you so much for your interest in our products.

  5. Fan says:

    Could you send me a price list of your products?& where R U in PH?

    1. Hello, thank you for leaving a comment. I hope it’s not yet too late to ask for your email address so I can send you the price list. Thank you again.

  6. Gil Castro says:

    Hello, do you have suppliers in the US already, Chicago in particular? Can you send me your price list, please?

    1. We just sent you an email, sir. Thank you.

  7. EDITH SANTOS says:


    Please quote the following for our Christmas Giveaways :
    -we required to include packaging per bottle (ready as a gift to clients)
    for Mens – Basi Puro – 50 – 100- 200 btls
    for Ladies -Basi Maria – 50 – 100 -200 btls

    Attention: Edith Santos

    Email :

    Appreciate to hear from you!


  8. Mariano Castillejo says:

    I’m longing the taste of BASI from home, is there a way to have shipment to Las Vegas, Nevada?

    1. Hello, Mr. Castillejo. We cannot ship to Vegas just yet. We will notify you once we get our export papers. Thank you so much!

  9. Ronel D. Guira says:

    Kindly send me your price list, Ma’am?

    1. Hello! So sorry for the delay. Here is our price list:

      Basi Puro P400
      Basidina P600
      Basi Maria P600
      Virginia Blush P600
      Ambaristo P650
      De La Bodega P1,250

      Thank you so much.

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