Enjoy Wine Like A Pro With These 5 Tips

Enjoying wine is not just for connoisseurs. Anyone over 18, in most parts of the world, can enjoy the alcoholic drink. If you are new to drinking wine, take a look at the tips below.

  1. Enjoy the experience.

All you need to do is to drink it, right? Wrong. Just drinking wine will reduce your experience to something less. Wine is a beautiful thing. It symbolises the marriage between art and science. Winemakers have poured their hearts into their wines and it is only fair that you get the whole experience of indulging your eyes, your sense of smell, your taste buds, and even your mind while enjoying a glass or a bottle of wine.

2. Find out what kind of wine you like.

The key to enjoying wine is drinking what you actually like. There is no sense if you are sipping a glass of wine that your taste buds does not approve of. It will only be a waste of money and of your time. If you have a sweet tooth, for example, your best introduction are sweet wines. You can start with a sweet white wine like Basi del Diablo’s De La Bodega. You can also try a sweet rose or a sweet red.

3. Look at what you are drinking.

Drinking wine is a sensory experience which means that you should also indulge your eyes. For many, the colours mean nothing – red wine is just red and white is white. However, there are many types of red wine and they come in different shades of red. Some even come out with a hint of deep purple. Wine is beautiful to look at so look at what you are drinking.

4. Swirl for oxygen.

Let your wine breathe. Swirling will help oxygen get into the wine. This process will soften it and release all its wonderful aromas. Do not be too showy when swirling as grandiose swirling can be obnoxious. Be subtle. You only need to make circles from the base of the glass or hold it up and swirl by slightly flicking your wrist.

5. Be adventurous.

When dining out, pick a wine you’ve never tasted before. Who knows, you might be tasting your next favourite wine!







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