Everything You Need to Know About Basi del Diablo’s Wine Pairing Night at Bellagio

When: October 26, 6pm onwards

Where: Cafe Buho, Bellagio Hills

Ticket Price: P550 per person

Confirm Attendance Here

Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo is set to host a wine tasting night on October 26 with Bellagio Hills, one of the best hotels in the province. The event has been in the works for the past months and both establishments are excited about it.


Complete with a carefully crafted wine pairing menu, the event is “highly anticipated,” according to Bellagio Hills Hotel & Restaurant’s General Manager Allan Tuppil. The general manager wrote on social networking site Facebook that the menu will comprise of local dishes and international fare.  


“We got people reserving seats within the first hour of its announcement,” Sigrid Salucop, the resident winemaker and CEO of Salucop Group says while talking about the event. “Bellagio and Basi del Diablo prepared well for this to ensure that everyone who will grace us with their presence will enjoy the evening,” she adds.


Salucop also said that Basi del Diablo’s and Bellagio’s wine tasting night will feature the wines, Cafe Buho’s gourmet dishes, famous Ilocano dishes that many Filipinos have come to love, and Cafe Buho itself. The cafe sits on top of a hill overlooking Lake Paoay. The romantic spot has a beautiful view of the lake during daytime and an equally mesmerizing view of the hotel’s infinity pool at night. 


The Menu


  • Isle of cheese on a charcuterie board 
  • Assorted crackers, spiced bread sticks and buttered toast baguette
  • Assorted fresh harvest vegetables
  • Assorted cut fruits
  • Pickled gherkins and olives
  • Assorted dried fruits and nuts
  • Chicken canapes
  • Adobado con setas
  • Tuna poke of tropical Hawaii
  • Local Ilocos Empanadas 
  • Bellagio baby back ribs
  • Pasta primavera


Reserve Your Seats Today

Please send a message to Basi del Diablo or Bellagio Hills to reserve your seats.  Please Text: 09154566831 or 09276565548 or 09171399900



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