Smoke’s Chef Introduces Basi Puro in ‘Becoming Filipino’ Video

The chef and owner of Smoke Bar and Restaurant mentions Basi del Diablo’s Basi Puro in a new video by Kyle Jennermann, the host of Becoming Filipino. The video logger and his friends were served with Chef Chris Stolk’s tasty laing and Smokey Poqui along with a few shots of Basi del Diablo’s pure sugarcane…

Basidina Now Available at Chef Luz Angela’s Kitchen

Basi del Diablo’s crisp white wine Basidina is now available at Chef Luz Angela’s Kitchen at Kingfisher Kitesurfing Hotel in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Located at a topnotch destination for kitesurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts, the chef’s kitchen is among the most relaxed spaces in the region. It offers a great view of the sea and gets…

Join Us At Smoke This Valentine’s

Basi del Diablo variants De La Bodega and Basi Maria will be served along with great food at Smoke Bar & Restaurant in Paoay on Valentine’s, a gastronomic treat that will surely satisfy the most discerning guests. The chef, Chris Stolk, posted the menu on social networking site Facebook last week. It was followed by…

Virginia Blush Now Available at Saigon Corner PH

Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Corner PH now carries Basi del Diablo Wines’ Virginia Blush and the owners are pairing the wine with their signature rolls and other wonderful dishes. The two companies are now working together to promote authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Filipino wine, a pairing akin to the friendship between Filipinos and their Vietnamese neighbours….

13 Reasons Why Customers Love Our Basi

Basi, the Ilocano term for sugarcane wine, is older than any other wine in the Philippines. However, like most wines from this non-wine region, it is relatively unknown. The good news is, the brand Basi del Diablo has cultivated a following in the country, no matter how small. This is all thanks to tech-savvy wine…

Basi del Diablo Joins Bayambang’s 400th Year

Basi del Diablo Wines is one of the sponsors of Takbo and a Dog Sports event in Bayambang in celebration of the town’s 400th anniversary. If you are currently in the Philippines and happen to be in Pangasinan, you can join the run tomorrow, December 20th, 2017. Bounded by Malasiqui in the north, Camiling in…

Wine And Christmas Blues

Christmas is often associated with happiness but beyond the glittering lights are souls that are thoroughly unhappy. I know what it’s like to be depressed during this time of year and I know how painful it is to have to deal with this kind of shit while everyone’s grinning from from ear to ear. I know how you feel, believe me.

Why You Should Give Gifts This Christmas

The holiday season has begun and consumers are feeling the pressure. Ideas of what to give to family and friends abound as stores and brands push ads, deals, and discounts onto our faces. Although Christmas has been highly commercialised for the longest time, holiday shopping has become both a beloved and hated tradition. But why do we spend time in traffic in Manila just to buy gifts for Christmas?

Basi del Diablo Minimises Carbon Footprint

To minimise its carbon footprint, Basi del Diablo Wines has decided to do its small, door-to-door deliveries around the Metro Manila area through the help of bike riders.