Basi del Diablo Now Accepts Orders for Christmas 2019

It’s only July but Salucop Group Inc.’s (SGI) wine brand is now accepting orders for Christmas 2019. The announcement came out through a post on social networking site Facebook, encouraging customers to place their orders as early as today, July the 3rd. According to the wines’ director and SGI’s CEO Sigrid Salucop, the move is to ensure that the brand can take in as many orders as possible without being pressed for time and without causing unnecessary stress to its patrons.


There is Enough Wine


“We have enough wine but shipping can be challenging especially for areas that our shipping partners cannot reach. We have already received a few orders going to Mindanao but have not let our customers pay for them yet,” Salucop comments. With the Philippines composed of thousands of islands, shipping can be “quite the predicament”.

“We have to figure out better ways to send our wines to different parts of the country without worrying about how costly it will be for our clients. Shipping fees can be exorbitant. While I understand that this is out of our control, I do not want our patrons to have to shell out thousands in shipping fee just to taste our wines,” Salucop says. The company has always ensured that the wines get to their destinations without any hiccups or additional handling fees.

“We want our customers to experience good service. We do not want to burden them with solving logistical problems either. If there is an area where we can’t send wine bottles, we ask them to wait for us to see if there is another way. The problem with most couriers is they do not accept wine bottles. I can understand that. Bottles are fragile so for all orders, we always find other ways,” the CEO adds. 

The company has not sent wine to many parts of the Philippines yet but it already has the whole of Luzon “covered,” according to its operations chief.

Salucop says that the shipping challenge is one of the reasons why the brand wants Christmas orders to come in as early as July. The company also wants to avoid delays and the Christmas rush itself.



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