Where to Get Your Wine Fix This October

Wine. You love wine. I love wine. We love wine. And there is nothing better than drinking wine in nice places, preferably with great company and great food.

Ilocos Norte is beautiful. Nice place? Check!

Ilocos Norte also has Basi del Diablo, a local wine brand made from sugarcane and grapes. Good wine? Check!

The province has a number of restaurants that serve mouthwatering dishes. Good food? Check!

All you need now is a bus or plane ticket going to Laoag and you’re good to go. You can book your flight with Philippine Airlines or call Partas at 8 727 8278. 

With technicalities out of the way, I can now tell you about the best places to get your wine fix in Ilocos Norte.

Bellagio Hills

Imagine sipping a cold glass of Virginia Blush up at Cafe Buho while looking at the Paoay Lake. You can pair that with their filling sandwiches or order chocolate mousse.
Fort Ilocandia

This beautiful place does not get old no matter how old it is. It reminds Ilocanos of the heavy Spanish influence in the region and old world architecture. If you would like to drink some of our wines, tell the waiters at the restaurant on the ground floor that you’d like a bottle of Basi del Diablo wine from the Pasalubong Center. Our best sellers are Virginia Blush, Ambaristo, and Basi Maria. Make sure you ask for the prices. When done, order their chili dog sandwich or try their bagnet burger.

Izakaya 104

Izakaya 104 is super exclusive. If you fancy private dining by the beach, you should contact the chef and owner Toshinori Kimura and his lovely wife. You can have authentic Japanese cuisine paired with our Basidina.


If you want to spend most of your Ilocos Norte holiday in Pagudpud, Kingfisher Kitesurfing Hotel is definitely the place to be. The hotel in Caparispisan is one of Ilocos Norte’s best kept secrets and they carry our wines.

La Preciosa

La Preciosa is among the most popular, if not the most popular, restaurant in Ilocos Norte. The restaurant has been around for two generations and they serve authentic Ilocano dishes. If you would like to try our wines, ask the wait staff which Basi del Diablo wine is available. Here’s the short and sweet of it: Virginia Blush, Ambaristo, and De La Bodega are sweet, Basidina, Basi Puro, and Basi Maria are not sweet.

North Beach Camp

Thinking of renting one whole beach resort for you and your friends? Head to North Beach Camp. Just tell their friendly personnel that you need wine and they will offer you some of our wines.

Smoke Bar & Restaurant

Smoke is one of Paoay’s most happening places when it comes to food. Their ribs are to die for and they have a keto menu. The restaurant only serves Basi del Diablo Wines and the chef himself will tell you which wine will go well with your order.

Pangil Beach Resort

Pangi Beach Resort boasts a modern Ilocano menu that we love so much. Their food is not only amazing, it comes in sizeable servings too. Order our wines from the souvenir shop or the poolside bar.


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