The Wine Beginner’s Guide to White Wine

The first white wine dates back to 7,500 years ago, according to a book written by Philippe Testard-Vaillant. Today, this antique invention is still loved by many. In fact, over 30 million tonnes of white wine was produced in 2015 alone and this worldwide production has increased since. White wine is a clear wine made from non-coloured grape pulp. It is often drank before meals or paired with dessert but it is more than that. White wine is a beautiful concoction that is both classy and versatile.

There are two major white wine categories: dry and sweet.

Sweet White Wine

Sweet white wines are, you guessed it, sweet but the sweetness can differ from one white wine to the next. Sweet white wines that are off-dry or nearly dry offer just enough sweetness to excite the palate. Wines like these typically have notes of peaches and apricots. Some examples include Chenin Blanc, Riesling Spatlese, Riesling Kabinett, Gewurztraminer, Muller-Thurgau, and Vovray Demi-sec.

White wines with a sweet almost tropical taste are a great choice for those with a sweet tooth. Some examples include Muscat Blanc, sweet Chenin Blanc, Ice Wine, and others. If you are looking for a locally produced white wine that is sweet and refreshing, you can try our De la Bodega.


Dry White Wine


Dry white wines that offer a floral bouquet with a hint of tartness such as a Cortese or a Pinot Blanc pair well with seafood because of their moderate acidity and crisp flavours. If you like your white wine with notes of lemon, you can opt for a Chablis or a Pinot Grigio. Light, herbal and grassy white wines are also delightful. If you want to have a sip of this type of dry white wine, you can opt for a Verdejo or an Ugni Blanc. Some dry white wines are also rich and creamy. This includes Viognier and Chardonnay. For medium perfume dry whites, you can get a Fiano or a dry Chenin Blanc.

Basi del Diablo Wines produces a dry white wine made from sugarcane and grapes. It’s called Basidina. While basi or sugarcane wine does not belong in the grape-based wine category, Basidina behaves like one. The only difference is, it is lighter than your usual white wine.


Wine Pairings

Wine enthusiasts often pair white wines with lighter meals but full-bodied white wines can handle heavy meals including those with a copious amount of cream or butter. White wines are food-friendly thanks to their acidity and since they are more refreshing than reds, white wine sales usually increase during the summer months.

Pairing white wine with white meat is a guideline prescribed by the old guard but there are a few exceptions. A full-bodied chardonnay, for example, can be paired with pulled lamb or roast lamb. Following the old guideline is a safe bet for wine beginners though. A bottle of oaky Chardonnay works great with fish, chicken, or turkey. If you are thinking of opening a bottle of Chenin Blanc, you will need to pair it with roast pork but if you have sweet Chenin Blanc, you would need to bake a bread pudding to go with the wine or buy a lemon pie.

Thinking of buying more wine? You can a few reds too! Here are some red wines that we are sure you will need in your wine rack.


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