It’s a Beautiful Night for De La Bodega

It’s only Wednesday. We know.

But it’s such a beautiful night here in the province and I can’t help but drink a glass of sweet white wine.

Sipping a glass of chilled De La Bodega is a great way to cap a nice dinner with family. In fact, it’s so good that I imagine it taking away the pain in my tired bones. This is not me being overly dramatic. De La Bodega makes me feel this way.

This dessert wine was borne out of love. You know the drill. Every winemaker will say that about their wines. Bear in mind though that they are telling the truth. We are telling the truth because every bottle is a wonderful mishmash of science and art.

We know though that for our patrons, it’s all about the joy of opening it and finally sipping it either in front of the television right after dinner. If you recently bought a De La Bodega from our purchasers, I can honestly say that you won’t regret it.

Basi del Diablo Wines only produced 100 bottles of the De La Bodega each year for the past few years. We only sold them to a selected few in the past but we launched it this 2018 to see if it can hold its water against all our other variants. Virginia Blush remains a favourite but if you’re not into blush wines, you have De La Bodega to fall back on. It’s sweet, it’s refreshing and quite gratifying.

We still have our 2015 vintage but there are only a few bottles left. I think the 2015 vintage won’t reach March and I think I should keep one for myself, as a remembrance for its mini success.

Tasting Notes

This slightly bubbly but creamy concoction reminds me of citrus flowers and sugarcane juice.

It is very light and can be enjoyed on its own.

I rarely eat anything with it but if you feel like indulging, you can pair this beautiful wine with food with opposing profiles. Bitter chocolate, spicy food, and the like would bring out its complexity. It pairs well with lemon meringue pie and other desserts with a slight tartness.

It also pairs well with good company or a good book.



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