It’s a Good Day to Drink Basidina

January is a good month to get your hands on a bottle of Basidina. This crisp white wine from Basi del Diablo was named after my late mother Dina. Her birthday is on the 28th of this month and to celebrate, all Basidina orders will get a discount.

Pairing Notes

This is the first in our gold collection and it pairs well with fish and other seafood. You can also try it with chicken or pork. Since it is made from sugarcane wine and grapes, this wine is more versatile than its non-sugarcane peers.

Tasting Notes

Crisp with lingering notes of vegetables and fruits. It has no sweetness, just a refreshing white wine that gives a bit of a kick once it reaches the back of the mouth down to the throat.

Basidina is best served chilled.


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