Basi Puro: Why Isn’t It Called Wine?

When I watch films, I always root for the underdog – the one they call ugly, the one they deem odd, the one who doesn’t fit in. And it seems that I have developed the same taste for my wine. I am a wine drinker and I love those that come from what wine experts call ‘real wine’ but often, I also have this hankering for something different – something more exotic than what I am used to.

Basi is of a different class but often, it is called sugarcane wine. It is interesting though that some people get angry when somebody calls it wine because they say it is not wine in the strictest form. But whose definition are we following here? Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes or other fruits though per the definition of any dictionary available on this earth. But even if this is so, Basi is still not wine to some.

It doesn’t matter what they call it though because what’s in a name anyway? And it develops into something beautiful – something that you won’t believe came from something as simple as a sugar cane stalk.

At first it is just plain sugar cane  juice and then, after sitting inside a jar for a period of six months,  it turns into a murky brown liquid. But once it is ready, this wonderful sugar cane wine becomes clear and one would see a beautiful light gold concoction that can be paired with meat and fish and anything in between. Basi Puro is Basi del Diablo’s first product, its recipe dating back to the 1900s.


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