13 Reasons Why Customers Love Our Basi

Basi, the Ilocano term for sugarcane wine, is older than any other wine in the Philippines. However, like most wines from this non-wine region, it is relatively unknown.

The good news is, the brand Basi del Diablo has cultivated a following in the country, no matter how small. This is all thanks to tech-savvy wine drinkers who are not only adventurous but also quite delighted that there is a Philippine wine brand out there, struggling to make its own mark in the world.

Below are 13 reasons why customers love our Basi and should provide the reader an insight as to how our customers relate to our brand.

1. It’s Completely, Madly, Deeply Filipino

Basi del Diablo’s recipe comes from a 1906 recipe written by a Filipino named Javier. Javier is the winemaker’s great grandfather and he is from Batac, Ilocos Norte.

Basi del Diablo Wines does not have any foreign investments. The bottling is done in the Philippines and the wines are made in the Philippines. The corporation that makes it is owned by Filipinos. You get the gist.

2. The Brand Gives Military and Police Discounts to Off-Duty Personnel

Basi del Diablo fully supports Philippine Forces whether you’re talking about the Navy, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Army or the National Police. In fact, service personnel in the country’s fire departments also get a discount.

The discount is 5% for every bottle of wine either bought at the winery level or at Wilfred’s.

All our men and women in uniform have to do is to show their identification cards. Bottles not sold by Basi del Diablo or Wilfred’s i.e. through the company’s purchasers do not have this kind of discount.

3. Basi del Diablo Plants a Tree for Every Purchase

If you happen to be a huge wine lover and love buying 6 bottles of wine in one go, buying from the brand will help you make a contribution to the overall well-being of the planet. Basi del Diablo Wines plants a seedling for every box of 6.

Salucop Group, Inc., the company that produces the wines, is big on sustainability as it is a part of its corporate social responsibility.

4. Great Customer Service

Every customer matters. We go to great lengths to keep our customers happy. Whether you’re buying by the bulk or buying a bottle, you can be sure that you will be treated with respect and care.

Our customer service personnel are fine people and they care about your experience a great deal. Sometimes, the CEO even mans the customer service desk so the service is personalised all the way. Isn’t that great?

5. Good Reviews

So far we’ve got a 5-star rating thanks to our lovely customers. The wines are refined and are something to be proud of.

6. Answers All Questions

Do you have a question about a certain variant? Would you like to find out what you can pair with the Basi Maria you just bought? Are you a diabetic and want to find out how much of our wine you can drink in one go?

Our customer service personnel will answer all your questions to the best of their knowledge. In fact, if you have questions right now, I can answer them in the comments below.

7. The Wines Taste Great!

This is a very biased statement but don’t take our word for it. All you need to do is to taste the wines and make the judgment for yourself. Trust us, it will be worth it.

8. It Has an Intriguing Story

You probably already know the story by now but let me retell it for the sake of my own entertainment.

A poor winemaker once said that he saw a demon in his yard where he keeps his wines. This happened a long time ago in a sleepy town in the Ilocos Region before the Japanese came to the islands. The dirt roads were only used by farmers and schoolteachers. At night, they were covered in darkness. On one of those dirt roads stood a small sari-sari store owned by this winemaker and right behind it is his house and a yard full of old clay jars.

Thieves took interest in his wines and one burnay after the other kept going missing. He only sold his basi for a few centavos a cup and losing a clay jar meant losing a lot of income. He told his patrons about the demon and the story spread.

Decades later, the local winemaker’s granddaughter bottled the wines and named the brand Basi del Diablo.

9. No Chemicals

We do not use chemicals. Our Basi Puro, for example, is premium sugarcane that was decanted for a number of times to ensure that it doesn’t have particles. We do not add any chemicals to make it look like the way it does. This is the same for our other variants.

10. Touched by One Winemaker

You may have found wine brands from other countries that sell their wine at very high prices because it was only touched by less than ten people.

Like them, we take pride in our processes.

Our winemaking process involves one winemaker and one quality control manager. The rest is done by machine. Only two people touches Basi del Diablo Wines at the winery level.

11. Environment Friendly Practices

We know that we won’t be here if it weren’t for nature’s gifts. This is why we vowed to take great care of it in whatever way we can. Aside from planting seedlings, we make sure that we conserve water during our production process.

Our machines do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals either. They also do not use that much energy.

We always make sure that our processes are sustainable and that our waste such as the sugarcane stalks we use are used for fertilising the land.

12. Buys Sugarcane from Local Farms

When it’s time to produce more wine, we buy sugarcane from farms in the Ilocos Region and nearby provinces at respectable prices.

13. Different Variants for Every Taste

Looking for a nice dessert wine to cap the evening? We’ve got you covered. You can get De La Bodega, our sweet and refreshing white wine or you can indulge in our sweet blush wine Virginia Blush.

In need of a crisp wine for that seafood dish you prepared? Basidina, a beautiful white wine made from sugarcane and grapes, is the perfect choice.

We also have an elegant red wine Basi Maria, a gorgeous dessert wine Ambaristo, and our premium sugarcane wine Basi Puro.





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