Christmas Message from the CEO: 2020 Annus Horribilis

The year 2020 was disastrous and it brought misfortune to all. Lives were lost, families are still grieving, and amidst this grief, typhoons came to this country, leaving many without a roof over their heads this Christmas. 

While this annus horribilis will end in the coming days, we anticipate that it might just be the beginning of more challenging times. We are still grateful, however, because despite the struggle and the financial losses, Salucop Group and its brands still stand but we lament that not all of our peers have survived.

Many businesses across the world and the country have closed their doors permanently and this brings us so much sadness as we are sure that their shops and their brands were their lifeblood and legacy. We encourage all of them to gather all the strength they can muster to begin again because the business sector is not only important to those who are in it but to those that we employ and to those who rely on us to bring them the brands that they love and enjoy. It is difficult to rebuild and it will take time, money, and energy but soon enough, we are sure that it will all be worth it. 

To those who have lost their jobs this year, we wish you a brighter future and that the road ahead brings you happiness and peace of mind. To those who are grieving for their loved ones, we condole with you. May you be comforted during this difficult time. To those who have lost their homes, may you all be blessed with better things in the coming months or years. To those who are far from their families due to the travel restrictions brought about by the global health crisis, please know that there will be brighter days and your tears will be replaced with happiness once you see your loved ones again.

We cannot wish you a happy Christmas but we do hope that this season brings you a bit of joy, a lot of love, and a copious amount of hope. 


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