7 Thrillers That Pair Well With Basidina

Basidina is a crisp white wine that will wake you up once it touches your lips. Its aroma comprises of citrus and hints of sugarcane, a refreshing take of the usual blanc. The most important attribute of this Basi del Diablo wine for this particular subject is its slightly bitter taste and the fact that it awakens your senses the way a good thriller does.

If you love thrillers as much as we do, you will enjoy pairing the films below with our white wine.

Thriller No. 1 : The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Precise filmmaking was the order of the day when David Flincher started shooting The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film builds up slowly, giving the audience ample time to savour every exciting detail while still looking forward to the big reveal. You will need a bottle of Basidina to deal with all of the numbing research in the film and the portions of history intertwined with it.

Thriller No. 2 : The Girl on the Train

The cinematic train is a-rollin’ in this beautifully-made adaptation of the Paula Hawkins bestseller of the same title, The Girl on the Train. This is an absolute delight to watch as it explores the depths of a woman’s pain and another’s disappearance.

While the main character is depicted as someone who sees life as huge hangover, it would still be a good idea to be armed with a slightly bitter wine to help you deal with her restless journey. Prepare a bottle of Basidina while you watch Emily Blunt’s character find herself as she tries to unravel the truth about the stranger who has gone missing.

Thriller No. 3 : Greta

Despite the fact that this film did not explore the inner workings and history of both Huppert and Moretz’s characters enough, Greta succeeds in giving its audience pulp thrills. The cinematography is satisfyingly beautiful, too, and the acting, superb.

You will need two bottles of Basidina to wash down certain types of fears and emotional baggage that the film successfully draws to the surface.

Thriller No. 4 : Gone Girl

The moral rot in Gone Girl stings so much that you will need one or maybe even two bottles of our Basidina. This is a seductive psychological thriller that successfully body slams its audience.

Thriller No. 5 : Taken

The Taken franchise is among the best action thrillers in the history of contemporary filmmaking. The first installation is a thrill to watch as Liam Neeson’s character searches for his daughter in Paris. You will need a glass of Basidina for this adventure and maybe a few glasses more once it ends.

Thriller No. 6 : Unknown

Liam Neeson’s character is searching the streets of Berlin for answers, pummeling faces along the way. However, he doesn’t know if he is one of the good guys or the bad guys in this action thriller.

A bottle of Basidina will suffice for the whole duration of the film but you may want to add a glass of Virginia Blush for that sweet ending.

Thriller No. 7 : Secret Obsession

You need a bottle of Basidina for Secret Obsession but do add a bottle of Basi Puro too because it involves a lot of bitterness. This is a story about unrequited love.


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