Fizzy Facts About Sparkling Wine You’ve Been Dying to Learn About. Or Not.

The burden of having to carry around useless information everywhere you go is real and we intend to make that burden heavier by handing over a few more that you might use at one point or will never use at all. Don’t you just love the mystery?

First, let’s take a look at what sparkling wine means to you, me, and possibly to the rest of the wine-drinking world.

Sparkling wine is all about the bubbles and the joy it brings to our taste buds and our hearts. It is all about happy memories and milestones. When someone gets married, they open a bottle of bubbly. When someone graduates, they open a bottle of bubbly and give the graduate a cigar. Okay, maybe they will give him or her a shot of whisky instead of sparkling wine but don’t rain on my parade.

To continue, when someone publishes a book, they open a bottle of bubbly. When someone lands an important business deal, they board a plane and open a bottle of bubbly. When someone gets a promotion, they go out to dinner and maybe open a bottle of bubbly. It all depends on how awesome the salary package is. People open bottles of bubbly for happy occasions while others just open them for no reason at all.

You must have done it at least a dozen times in your lifetime or at least participated in this beautiful ritual.

Whatever your motivations for drinking sparkling wine, I support you all the way you all the way and this level of support does not come with empty words. Basi del Diablo Wines has already developed its very own sparkling wine and we, my team and I, are dangling it for your benefit and ours. But before we even launch our bubblies, here are a few interesting things about sparkling wine.


  • The only sparkling wines that can be called Champagne are the ones produced in the Champagne region of France using very specific methods. When we start making more of our very own sparkling wine, we won’t call it Champagne because BLASPHEMY.
  • Moët et Chandon found that there are around 250 million bubbles in a 750ml bottle of Champagne.


  • The French drink approximately 30 million cases of bubbly per year but the Germans drink more. Records show that Germans drink over 46 million cases of bubbly annually.


  • It’s okay to pair your breakfast with a glass of bubbly.


  • Madame Clicquot of the wonderful Veuve Clicquot brand made Champagne très chic. In 1805, the 27-year-old introduced her Champagne to the French nobility and because of this, the wine became associated with elegance, exclusivity, and excellence.



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