Why We Laugh, Cry, & Get Emotional When We Drink

Crying, laughing, or going on an unexplained fit while drinking alcohol is an experience we’ve all had. Whatever your poison, you probably already know that drinking alcohol can influence your personality in various ways. Some just start laughing uncontrollably while others cry or become emotional drunks.

But why is this so? Alcohol, whether one is talking about wine or liquor, affects every organ in the body but more importantly, affects the brain. And by extension, the emotions.

This is why our behaviour changes every time we drink alcohol or at the very least, every time we’ve had too much to drink. Once alcohol is inside your system, a very small portion of it is absorbed by the bloodstream while the majority of it goes to the small intestine. The alcohol in the bloodstream then goes to the brain and well, you know the rest of the story.

It is important to know your limits when drinking alcohol. But you already know this so cheers!


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