The Drunkest Job, Why I Envy Winemakers

I love wine, I gotta tell you that but while drinking wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures, winemaking is possibly the best, most romantic job ever.

Basi del Diablo’s CEO and winemaker has the kind of job that screams fun. Of course, there’s some paperwork that need to be done among other things that an executive of a company must do but imagine all that wine -right there, in the corner, staring at you, asking you to drink it. This is probably a romantic idea but one cannot help but think about wine this way. It just has a couture aura to it even the exotics the likes of Basi Maria, Virginia Blush, Ambaristo, and Basidina.

Maybe one of the reasons why I am a writer and not a winemaker is the fact that I would drink most of the wine. I will most likely write a few pieces inspired by wine and a reading of Pablo Neruda’s works.


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