Basi Puro Wine Stocks Now Officially 6 Years Old

The current stocks of Basi del Diablo’s Basi Puro are now officially 6-years-old, according to an email blast sent by Salucop Group, Inc. CEO Sigrid Salucop. The wines, according to Salucop, were produced in the year 2013 when the company was established. Today, many of these bottles are still in the bodega even if thousands have already been sold.

“We produced more Basi Puro than the other wines because we wanted to make sure that the sugarcane juice is fresh. We were inundated with sugarcane juice back in 2013, we had to work fast and the recipe we are most adept with is the Basi Puro,” Sissel Salucop, one of the winemakers and the current finance chief of the company, says.

“It must be noted that we didn’t get our imported grape juice at the time yet so we concentrated on the Puro,” Salucop adds.

Basi Puro is the first wine variant from the Basi del Diablo Wines line. It uses an old recipe from 1906 when Javier Salucop first started making basi (sugarcane wine) for personal consumption. Basi Puro is now available at a number of hotels and restaurants in Ilocos Norte.

When asked what makes a 6-year-old basi special, Sigrid Salucop said, “The clarity is what sets it apart from younger basi. It has this nice golden hue that differentiates it from your regular white wine. Once it reaches its 10th year, it will become more fragrant. Basi Puro enthusiasts will also notice a fuller body.”


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