Basi Puro Wine Stocks Now Officially 6 Years Old

When asked what makes a 6-year-old basi special, Salucop Group, Inc. CEO Sigrid Salucop said, “The clarity is what sets it apart from younger basi. Once it reaches its 10th year, it will become more fragrant. Basi Puro enthusiasts will also notice a fuller body.”

Winemaker Reduces Carbon Footprint, But Is Her Solution a Good Idea?

The resident winemaker of Filipino wine brand Basi del Diablo has decided to reuse old bottles to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand has been a staunch advocate for better production processes to ensure that it does not use up too many resources. Sigrid Salucop, the Chief Executive Officer of Salucop Group, Inc. and the…

Wine, Wagyu, and the Manila Symphony Orchestra

One of the oldest orchestra in Asia will be performing at the St. Augustine Church in Paoay on March 8 but the concert and the backdrop won’t be the only attractions that evening. Chef Chris Stolk of Smoke Bar and Restaurant will be cooking up a storm in the name of classical music, charity, wine,…

Basi del Diablo Wines Now in Bellagio Hills

Basi del Diablo Wines are now available at the Bellagio Hills in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. The hotel features a picturesque view of Lake Paoay. It is home to one restaurant located at the lobby, a cafe right up the hill, and beautiful rooms that accommodate travelers from around the globe. If you are currently in…

Wine, Heartbreak, And Conversations About Love

But I had to say goodbye because it was time to say goodbye, because there is nothing more to look forward to, because he never tried, because I don’t want to be the only one fighting for a love that was never really there – a love that only I believed existed, because I was miserable, because he never really loved me – not one bit.