Forget Soda, Drink Mimosas This July

The Philippine weather bureau PAGASA announced a few weeks back that the country’s rainy season has begun. It is still incredibly hot in the country and Ilocos Norte, in particular, is enduring an almost drought-like situation. While grabbing a can of soda to quench one’s thirst is a good idea, you can spice things up this month by pouring yourself a glass of wine.

My suggestion is for you to chill a bottle of Virginia Blush, Basi del Diablo’s sweet pink wine. This semi-frizzante is an all-time summer favourite and a wonderful thirst quencher. If you are feeling adventurous, you can make mimosas out of it.

Thinking of mimosas? All you need is ice, orange juice, and Virginia Blush. Pour the two liquids over the ice, shake well, and serve it without the ice. There is nothing like it and the good news is, mimosas are for day drinking. If you feel guilty for indulging yourself with a glass of this concoction, do remember that it is evening somewhere in the world. Makes for a good excuse. I am bound to write, however, that you drink responsibly.


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