La Preciosa’s Food and Basi del Diablo, A Perfect Pairing

One of Laoag’s most well-known restaurants now carries Basi del Diablo’s Basi Puro and Virginia Blush. A great place to try authentic Ilocano cuisine, La Preciosa serves Ilocano favourites such as Higadu and Pinakbet. Guests expecting a true blue Ilocano meal while in Ilocos Norte can also try La Preciosa’s Bagnet served with a native salad that the locals refer to as KBL, the abbreviation for Kamatis, Boggoong, and Lasuna. The refreshing salad is made from fresh tomatoes, aromatic fish paste, and native onions. It is usually paired with meat or fish.

“Ilocanos rarely eat meals without veggies and KBL, aside from Pinakbet, is the gold standard when it comes to Ilocano side dishes,” says Sigrid Salucop, the winemaker and director at Basi del Diablo Wines. Like the owner of La Preciosa Pamela Aragoza, the winemaker is also an Ilocana.

“La Preciosa is one of the best Ilocano restaurants in Ilocos Norte’s capital and we are delighted that they took us on. It is a great place for the wines especially for Basi Puro because beautiful Ilocano food goes so well with Ilocano wine,” she adds.

La Preciosa has been in business for decades and its extensive menu has stood the test of time. What sets the restaurant apart, according to Salucop, is the fact that it has remained true to its roots.

“If you are an Ilocano who has been away from home for a long time, the best place to go to is La Preciosa. The restaurant itself reminds me of my grandmother’s home and the food is a reminder of Ilocano kitchens and the Ilocanos’ love for balanced and often savoury meals,” she explains. 

Whenever friends from Manila visit Ilocos Norte, Salucop would bring them to La Preciosa even before the wines were carried by the restaurant. “During my father’s 60th birthday, my sister had the restaurant prepare the food for the event. My dad, who was a professional cook, loves their food,” Salucop says.

La Preciosa has been a part of many lives and undeniably the go-to place for a gastronomic Ilocano culinary experience. 


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