Owning A Winery Not For The Fainthearted, Believe Me

I own Basi del Diablo Wines.

And when I say I own the brand, people I meet immediately ask what my vineyard is like.

Filipino Wines Sans The Grapes

With a standard tropical maritime climate complete with high humidity, high temperatures and a lot of rain, the Philippines is a biodiversity hotspot. There are thousands of plant species in this nation that one would be in awe in learning about them and seeing them. Unfortunately, grapes are not grown here. Some do survive but…

Sugarcane Wine: Back To Basics

Raw sugarcane juice is heavenly. It’s sweet, refreshing, and offers a range of health benefits. Add some yeast to it and you get a throat-raking liquor but if controlled, it can be turned into a fine wine – a wine with 15% alcohol content. But don’t worry, this type of wine won’t assault your senses…