Give The Gift Of Drunkenness This Christmas

The gift of drunkenness is always something I appreciate and something that someone you know would appreciate too.

Filipino Food + Filipino Wine

Filipino food, no matter how much we Filipinos take it for granted, is a beautiful mixture of our history and cultural influences. But what makes our very own cuisine lovelier? A Filipino wine of course.

Wine + Pasta

Confused on what kind of wine you should serve with pasta? It’s all about the sauce. Find out more.

Summer Weddings In The Philippines

Summer weddings in the Philippines are some of the most fun weddings I have attended. Beach weddings, garden weddings, you name it – I’ve been in one and in the Philippines no less. My only regret is that I did not take many photos. You can’t blame me, I was too busy drinking wine and eating the…

Filipino Wines Sans The Grapes

With a standard tropical maritime climate complete with high humidity, high temperatures and a lot of rain, the Philippines is a biodiversity hotspot. There are thousands of plant species in this nation that one would be in awe in learning about them and seeing them. Unfortunately, grapes are not grown here. Some do survive but…

Sugarcane Wine: Back To Basics

Raw sugarcane juice is heavenly. It’s sweet, refreshing, and offers a range of health benefits. Add some yeast to it and you get a throat-raking liquor but if controlled, it can be turned into a fine wine – a wine with 15% alcohol content. But don’t worry, this type of wine won’t assault your senses…

Pastries, An Alarming Amount Of Butter, And Basi

I made croissants the other day and used a lot of butter because it calls for a lot of butter. A voice inside my head said it is an alarming amount and what I’d be eating is akin to a heart attack on a plate. Because of this, I postponed eating croissants or baking them…