7 Fascinating Secrets To Gulping Wine Without The Tears

Something depressing just happened. And the only thing you want in the world right now is a bottle of wine.


Sugarcane Wine: Back To Basics

Raw sugarcane juice is heavenly. It’s sweet, refreshing, and offers a range of health benefits. Add some yeast to it and you get a throat-raking liquor but if controlled, it can be turned into a fine wine – a wine with 15% alcohol content. But don’t worry, this type of wine won’t assault your senses…

People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Likely To Die Young Says New Study

A new study shows that people who drink alcohol on a regular basis will likely have longer lives than people who don’t. The study, described by the Business Insider as a “tightly controlled” one, involved individuals ages 55 to 65 whose drinking habits were recorded over a 20-year period taking into account variables such as…