Basidina in Your Stew and More

Wine and food are like lovers separated only by the limiting rules we set for ourselves or limitations such as the lack of desire to cook with wine, the lack of inclination to be slaving in the kitchen and pairing what we made with a glass of wine, and possibly, diet restrictions per the order of our GPs.

No Wine for Ilocanos During Ramon, Sarah Onslaught

The office of Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc just released Executive Order No. 36-19, effectively prohibiting the “sale, giving, offering, purchase, consumption, and serving of intoxicating drinks during the onslaught of Typhoon Ramon and Tropical Depression Sarah”.

Virginia Blush on a Plate? We Say Yes To That!

This Christmas, customers who are fond of Basi del Diablo’s rosé Virginia Blush can finally put the wine on a plate instead of a wine glass. A generous amount of wine poured onto a sizzling skillet or any other dish will always elevate one’s cooking and in this article, we will talk about incorporating Virginia Blush to soups, stews, brine, marinades, reductions, and sauces.

Basi Puro Wine Stocks Now Officially 6 Years Old

When asked what makes a 6-year-old basi special, Salucop Group, Inc. CEO Sigrid Salucop said, “The clarity is what sets it apart from younger basi. Once it reaches its 10th year, it will become more fragrant. Basi Puro enthusiasts will also notice a fuller body.”

You Better Try Basi Maria Mulled Wine This Christmas Season

Despite the rather mild cold front experienced in the Philippines during the holidays, Christmas will always be a good excuse to indulge in piping hot dishes and beverages. Last year, we did not share our mulled wine recipe but this year is different because we finally found the time to mix up a few things and try it out, etc. etc. 

Dinner Party? Forget All the Wine Rules

Getting the right wine for the meals you have prepared is considered an art form but we sometimes give too much focus on what experts say that we forget  one thing: when it comes to wine, it all boils down to what we truly like and enjoy.

Basi del Diablo Winemaker Announces Love for Carrot Cake Manila

Carrot Cake Manila, a shop in Tandang Sora that is famous for its yummy carrot cake, now carries Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo. While that is one of the reasons why Basi del Diablo loves the bakery, “the basi-carrot cake relationships goes way back,” according to Sissel Salucop, Salucop Group, Inc.’s finance chief and…

Basi del Diablo Joins Fundraiser for Museo Ilocos Norte

Salucop Group, Inc.’s wine brand Basi del Diablo joined the fundraiser for Museo Ilocos Norte on November 9th, 2019, an event organised by the Gameng Foundation. The small museum located at the old Tabacalera warehouse in Laoag is among the best ethnographic museums in the country.