Basi del Diablo, Bellagio Thank Wine Pairing Night Guests

“We are lucky that we have the support of our friends here in Ilocos Norte. Their attendance means a lot to us especially now that the wines are still in its early stages commercially,” Sigrid Salucop, the brand’s director and the CEO of Salucop Group, Inc says. 

Where to Get Your Wine Fix This October

Wine. You love wine. I love wine. We love wine. And there is nothing better than drinking wine in nice places, preferably with great company and great food. Ilocos Norte is beautiful. Nice place? Check! Ilocos Norte also has Basi del Diablo, a local wine brand made from sugarcane and grapes. Good wine? Check! The…

Chef Makes Italian Sausage Using Basi Maria

An American chef now based in Paoay is using local wine Basi Maria to make authentic Italian sausage. Smoke Bar and Restaurant owner Chris Stolk often experiment in the kitchen for his menu and his Italian sausage is getting great reviews. Currently used at the restaurant as a topping for its mouthwatering pizzas, Smoke’s Italian…

Get Hooked With These Basi-Seafood Pairings

Years ago, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a nice rosé or pure basi for seafood. My go-to were always crisp white wines that were served cold and more often than not, my choices were Italian or French. Things have changed since the launch of Basi del Diablo Wines and now, this great granddaughter of a basi maker, has turned into one of the heritage wines’ biggest fans.

Basi del Diablo Now Accepts Orders for Christmas 2019

It’s only July but Salucop Group Inc.’s (SGI) wine brand is now accepting orders for Christmas 2019. The announcement came out through a post on social networking site Facebook, encouraging customers to place their orders as early as today, July the 3rd. According to the wines’ director and SGI’s CEO Sigrid Salucop, the move is…