Go To Kamarinn After Lockdown to Taste Basidina, Basi Maria

Wines under the Basi del Diablo brand are now available at Kamarinn Cafe, an establishment located near Lake Paoay in Ilocos Norte province. Cases of Basidina and Basi Maria were delivered to the restaurant on March 13, a day after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a community quarantine in the country’s capital. Now that the…

Will Basi del Diablo Be Introducing a New Wine Soon?

The Basi del Diablo team may have stopped operations due to the liquor ban but its research and development projects are still ongoing, according to the brand’s director Sigrid Salucop. Salucop, who is also the CEO of Basi del Diablo’s mother company Salucop Group, says that “it is one of the things that shouldn’t be…

Red Wine During Lockdown? Scientists Say Yes, The Law Says Nein

Disclaimer: There is a liquor ban in the Province of Ilocos Norte which means that selling and drinking alcoholic beverages is illegal for the time being. It is also important for wine enthusiasts to know that the World Health Organization warned that alcohol in general is “an unhelpful coping strategy” for the global health crisis…

Basi del Diablo Workers To Get 13th Month Pay Early Due to COVID-19

“This is the right thing to do. I know though that we can’t set the trend since we are a small company but I am wishing that anyone with a business will follow suit if such a move is within their means. This is easy for us because we maintain a very small team in our manufacturing plant as most of the processing done are done by machines,” Salucop says.

Wine and Diplomacy: A Match Made for Difficult Situations

Wine has been served in diplomatic dinners and lunches for centuries and in its capacity as the liquid welcoming mat, it has broken barriers, relaxed tense atmospheres, and has turned dry dialogues into meaningful conversations. As a winemaker, I am inclined to say that very few deals have been sealed over fruit juice or a cup of tea although the latter likely works for the English.  

De La Bodega at 35% Off

It is De La Bodega’s anniversary month and a huge discount has been approved by the brand. Now at 35% off, you can get a bottle of the sweet white wine for P812.50 instead of paying the original price of P1,250. De La Bodega is the youngest among Basi del Diablo’s wines and also among…

Congressman Barba Brings Basi Puro, Ambaristo for Cong Tour Vlog

“The project will surely boost domestic tourism expenditure and I am thankful that the House Committee on Tourism is actively promoting local products. We need that. The show also has fringe benefits. One of the most important is it gives Filipinos an insight on how diverse the country is in terms of its local products. There are so many wonderful local products just waiting to be discovered. Cong Tour will help all of us with those little discoveries and may even aid in our understanding of our own culture,” Salucop says.