Get Hooked With These Basi-Seafood Pairings

Years ago, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a nice rosé or pure basi for seafood. My go-to were always crisp white wines that were served cold and more often than not, my choices were Italian or French. Things have changed since the launch of Basi del Diablo Wines and now, this great granddaughter of a basi maker, has turned into one of the heritage wines’ biggest fans.

Meet Our Soulful Pink Wine

Whenever I am unsure of something, I go to mama. When I am unsure what to serve when hosting a party, I reach for her wine.

My Lola Maria and the Wine Named After Her

Maria Cuanang was born in 1912, a few months before the Titanic sank and on the day that the Republic of China was established. It was New Year’s when she came to the world and as my father says, the world celebrates with her, year after year. I was maybe 10 or 11 when she…

Basi and Home: How Ilocos Norte Shaped the Wines

It’s been a while since I wrote about the province I grew up in, its beautiful coastline that glides through fine brown and white sand, the sun that creates wondrous colours at dusk, and the mountains that play cat and mouse with the sun during summertime. No matter how beautiful this all is, it is…

Dialing Down the Fruit Bomb Ambaristo

Of the many delightful transformations that Ambaristo has gone through, the happiest was the moment that the company decided on providing balance and nuance. Do not get me wrong, exaggerated red wines are still enjoyable and our Ambaristo still has some boisterousness left in its body. It was made to be that way to deserve its name, the name of a hero of the Basi Revolt. The shift to attaining balance was prompted by a batch of the wine that tasted jammy. It was so ripe and sweet that it struggled to hold on to its structure. I wanted it to be majestic, not tattered, not too sweet that I’d throw it in the bin or people like me would throw it in the bin.

When it Rains, What Do You Pour?

It’s another rainy day here in Ilocos Norte, which always brings to mind (well, my mind) which wine I should drink and what food will go with it. I often think of shepherd’s pie when there’s a heavy downpour and I don’t have the slightest idea why. I also think about boisterous red wines and…

The Best Basi del Diablo Wines to Bring to Picnics and Brunches

If you are like me, your approach to summer picnics and brunches will likely go like this: summertime brunches are all about staying indoors to steer clear of the humidity and avoiding picnics altogether. Spending time outdoors can’t be helped if you’re in Ilocos Norte though because this tourist destination is blessed with unparalleled natural…