Cheers to New Friends!

Today marks the beginning of the Salucop winemakers’ friendship with the Anselmi family. They make some of the best wines in the Northeastern part of Italy.

I admire the Anselmis for their tenacity and deep love for tradition and how these are also applied by the sons of Luigi and Giuseppe – both fourth-generation winemakers like my sister and me.

Winemakers are a sentimental breed. Inside the cellar, we use art and science but we all know that our true guiding stars are our traditions and heritage. In life, this translates to the way we do things and the way we build relationships.

To our partners who would like to get a few bottles of this gorgeous sparkling wine, please feel free to send us a message.

Since the re-establishment of Basi del Diablo in 2013, we have made sure that our partners in the hotel and restaurant industry feel that they are special. Because they are. We treat our customers and all the events planning outfits the same way. All of them have been very kind to us.

Since I am confident in the strength of these bonds, I would like to usher in another brand that many will love.

Reguta Prosecco, a brand developed by the Anselmis, offers a refreshing taste of Italian summers. This straw yellow wine has a beautiful perlage – evidence that it was made with great care.


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