Ambaristo, Jokes, and Dinner Parties

I rarely give gifts because I am forgetful but when I do remember to get something, I always end up grabbing a bottle of Ambaristo. And the recipients are always my cousins. I could always choose the Basi Maria because my Lola Maria is also their grandma but my cousins are different. They are a sweeter version of the Basi Maria and the generations before them. They are the light, refreshing, more modern editions, and they have a sense of humour. 

The Ambaristo does not tell jokes but it encourages the casual drinker to tell jokes. Perhaps, I give the Ambaristo to my cousins to let their inner comedians out. Gifting the Ambaristo just might be a purely selfish endeavor. Hahaha!

If you are hosting a dinner party one of these days, get a few bottles of Ambaristo. A glass or two can make the stuffy among your friends crack jokes like you’ve never seen before. This is a happy wine. No tears, no drama.


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