9 Films That Had Us Hankering For Virginia Blush

Almost two years ago, when the cities and towns of the world were on lockdown, the team here at Basi del Diablo had nothing else to do but to watch films at home. Okay, okay, I will only speak for myself. I had nothing else to do but to watch films at home and drink wine. The latter was done in moderation, of course. We do not encourage alcohol abuse.

Now let me get back to business. The brand already made enough wine to last us a few years but bottling was impossible during the pandemic due to supply chain delays. So what I did was to revisit a few films and today, I will share with you 9 of the films that had me craving for our sweet pink wine Virginia Blush. While the inspiration for having a glass of Virginia Blush came from the food being paraded in these films, the others just require a drink. Full stop.

1. Chef

Chef is a funny, fun, and heartwarming film that will rekindle your love for cooking beautiful meals. Despite the fact that I cannot smell what they were cooking, I still grabbed a glass of Virginia Blush just to stop my cravings!

2. Cook Up A Storm

This drama brings Asian food galore and a clash between Eastern methods and methods from the West. Asian food is always a favourite not only because I am Asian but because it is just so delicious. Whenever I serve Asian food at home, I always make sure that a bottle of chilled Virginia Blush is ready because nothing beats a wine as versatile as our blush.

3. Beatriz at Dinner

The tension in this film was unbearable but I just could not turn my eyes away! And you guessed it, I needed a glass of sweet wine. If you haven’t tried our Virginia Blush yet, send us a message.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey

The Hundred-Foot Journey is one of those films that remind me about the friction between subtlety and boldness. The good news is, this masterpiece teaches us these are two good things and that if you apply both in certain situations, the results will be sensational. Virginia Blush came to my rescue while watching The Hundred-Foot Journey because it stopped the cravings and the tears.

5. Burnt

Adam Jones was once one of the best chefs in Paris until alcohol abuse and drug use led him to a meltdown. In the film, Jones is trying to get his former glory back. My advice is: never do drugs, do not drink too much, just drink a glass of Virginia Blush. Haha!

6. Julie & Julia

If you want to renew your love affair with French cooking,

7. Uncorked

This is a story of a young man who wants to be a master sommelier, a decision that upsets his dad. His life has been planned out for him and he was to join the family barbecue business.

8. Marie Antoinette

Love her or hate her, she does inspire our need to indulge especially when she said, “Let them eat brioche”. The more popular version of what she said, of course, is “Let them eat cake!” The film Marie Antoinette forgot about the brioche part though and just kept parading cakes and delectable pastries throughout this whole bonanza. And if cake does not inspire you to drink sweet wine, what would?

9. What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking? is your quintessential Thanksgiving holiday film seen through a multicultural lens. Thanksgiving in America has changed and while some of its old recipes remain the same, new additions to the traditional holiday meal have added more flavour to the country that is America. The sight of turkey just had me thinking of Virginia Blush because whatever the sauce one makes for it, Virginia Blush will be able to compliment that quite nicely.


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