Virginia Blush and Pam’s Fluffy White Cake

Since it’s the birthday of our not-so-little dogs Lucio, Mickey, and Hugger and the birthmonth of their baby sister Quib, we had to get cake from Pam’s. Dogs are family and they deserve the best.

I had a hard time looking for someone who can make this classic. My oven already gave up on me and I also do not have enough time to make proper icing. I have to say, Pam’s is a lifesaver and Manang Pam’s fluffy white cake is the best in town. It will transport ’90s kids back to their childhood. That was the time when we had these big birthday cakes with icing made from egg whites. That was fun!

The furbabies had their fair share of their gorgeous birthday cake while other members of the family, myself included, got a slice each.

I am pairing mine with a glass of Virginia Blush. This is such a nice dessert wine. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can get a bottle from Pam’s or from its sister brand La Preciosa. And don’t forget to get cake!


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