Salucop Talks Wine and Pancakes

Philippine winemaker Sigrid Salucop just started a pairing frenzy and her focal point on 7 June are pancakes.

“I love having breakfast food for lunch or dinner and pancakes always hit the spot. If you are planning to have pancakes later, get your favourite berry jam, and a bottle of Ambaristo,” said Salucop when she posted a photo of one of her wines on social media.

Pancakes are simple but when you dress them up, they turn out to be one of the most comforting food one could ever find. Because it is easy to make, it has the tendency to become boring but not with a winemaker in the kitchen!

Salucop also mentioned her sweet red wine Ambaristo. “Ambaristo is a merlot with just a tiny amount of sugarcane. It is on the sweet side and offers a fruity aroma. It lends wildberry and java plum notes when added to stew or when used for reductions. I particularly like making plum sauce with it. It is heavenly when smeared on lamb,” she wrote.

Oh how mouthwatering!


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