Basi del Diablo Winemaker Talks Maria

I have finally lost the plot because I now keep sharing moments of my winemaking life with all of you and complete with almost narcissistic selfies, too!

I am now back in the cellar to pick up a few more bottles of Basi Maria for the shop. I unfortunately do not look like my Lola Maria, my grandmother who inspired the Basi Maria brand. She was tall and fair but hey, I got her hair! And I can also rhyme.

Basi Maria is your standard cabernet sauvignon with just a hint of sugarcane. It is bold but not boisterous. It has structure without sacrificing its elegance.

Making this wine sorted me out, to be honest, because I have always been impatient. Basi Maria demands this specifically because before we release any batches out into the wild, we wait for a good three years. 1,095 days if none of those years is a leap year.


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