The Ultimate Wine Guide for 2022

2021 was as difficult as 2020 and now that 2022 is here, spirits are high and everyone is hoping for the best. To make sure that 2022 will be a better year, follow these wine tips.

Drink Wine At Home

You don’t need to socialise while drinking wine. Apart from home being the safest venue for drinking, especially with Covid lingering in every corner of the world, you will be able to enjoy your favourite wine or a new one in the comforts of your own sofa and even in your pyjamas!

Forget Wine Rules

Have fun! Drink whatever wine that you fancy and pair it with whatever you like. Rules are there for a reason but with the things that are happening around the world right now, we wouldn’t take it against you if you drink a sweet white wine with your steak. In fact, we’d just call it adventurous!

Find Gems

Whether you like your wines expensive or ultra-cheap, do not forget to look out for gems and you can only do this by being adventurous. There are a number of them out there and they exist across all price ranges. So get cracking and find a few! Who knows? You might find a brand that you will love forever.

Explore Comfortably

What does that even mean? Let me explain myself. If you like cabernet sauvignon and usually get a certain brand, you can explore by trying other brands. If you like cabs from France, you can try bottles that come from Spain. Now that would be quite interesting!


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