Basi del Diablo Sends Condolences

In a heartfelt message by Salucop Group’s CEO Sigrid Salucop on Tuesday, 28 December, she sent condolences to those who lost loved ones this year. “Today, we celebrate the lives of those who can’t be here,” the message read and according to Salucop, the post is “the right thing to do”.

In a recent email to Basi del Diablo employees, the young CEO admitted that she had reservations about spreading cheer in Basi del Diablo’s advertisements for the Christmas season because of what has been happening around the world. The pandemic has taken millions of lives and the recent super typhoon that hit the southern part of the Philippines added to the sadness.

“As a brand, we must be sensitive to the suffering of others. While we make money out of celebrations, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that. Many lost family members to Covid-19 while others lost their homes due to the typhoon. This is like a repeat of 2020 and it is devastating,” she added.


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