Basi del Diablo Gets Green Light from FDA

Salucop Group, Inc.’s (SGI) production plant for the Basi del Diablo brand finally got the renewal of its license to operate. The news came from the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regional office on 28 August, over a year after SGI finished the construction of its manufacturing area. The new plant is located in the brand’s home town, right within the Mangapit-Salucop compound where the wines were developed.

The Basi del Diablo brand used to have its own plant in the capital but the company’s board decided to move back to the Ilocos Region in 2018.

“The FDA has been very supportive of the brand,” Sigrid Salucop, the company’s CEO says, adding that she is “thankful for their patience and professionalism”.

The manufacturing plant is not yet open to visitors due to the pandemic but one of the board members said in an e-mail that it “will not likely open its doors to tourists any time after that either”. When asked about tourists entering the plant, Salucop said that “there are still many things that need improvement” and that the brand “would like to concentrate on those tasks first”.


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