Sniffing the Cork: Is It Necessary?

The answer is a resounding yes but you will also need to smell the wine itself especially if you are in the Philippines where it is almost always summertime. The hot weather can make certain aromas stronger and this is true when it comes to wine.

When ordering wine at a restaurant, it is best to just smell the wine itself and then have a sip of it. If all is well and you cannot pick up anything amiss such as cork taint, you can tell the wait staff that you approve of the wine.

Detecting wine that is tainted with cork relies solely on your sense of smell and your threshold for a particular smell. However, we must take note that cork taint does not come from cork alone and may not even come from the cork itself. It can come from the wine, too. This is why smelling and tasting the wine is more important than smelling the cork.

It would also depend on your threshold. If the cork taint is too high for you, it is best to get another wine.


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