Why You Should Get De La Bodega After The Lockdown

Once COVID-19 is banished by a powerful vaccine, the lockdown in the Philippines will be lifted and everyone of legal age will be able to drink alcohol again. While scientists are racing for a cure and a vaccine, many people around the world would have to quench their thirst with something non-alcoholic for the meantime.

Imagine, just for a second that the vaccine is already around and we are all safe. We’d be able to drink then, right? Yes. And in preparation for that day, we have one wine suggestion that you will need to try. 

If you happen to live in the beautiful province of Ilocos Norte, a place near the tip of Luzon, you can head to Wilfred’s to get basi. I strongly suggest that you get a De La Bodega, one of Basi del Diablo’s sweetest wines. Why? It’s pretty simple. It is made for celebrations and you have something to celebrate. Heck, we all have something to celebrate by then.

De La Bodega is a beautiful white wine that can quench your thirst for alcohol while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time. If you love semi-sparkling wine, you’d appreciate this unique concoction made from sugarcane and grapes. The brand only produces 100 bottles of this a year.


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