Will Basi del Diablo Be Introducing a New Wine Soon?

The Basi del Diablo team may have stopped operations due to the liquor ban but its research and development projects are still ongoing, according to the brand’s director Sigrid Salucop. Salucop, who is also the CEO of Basi del Diablo’s mother company Salucop Group, says that “it is one of the things that shouldn’t be discontinued as these studies are essential to the brand.” Salucop is developing a new variant for the brand but she did not provide additional details. “Details are not yet necessary at this point but you will find out more about it once it is ready,” she said through an email conversation last week.

The brand understands the importance of research as it helps it develop wine that suits certain tastes and certain people. “It is all about the audience,” Sigrid’s sister Sissel says. “Virginia Blush, for example, are for those who love frizzantes that are on the sweet side while Basidina is for people who like their white wine dry,” she adds.

“While our audience is not as huge as we’d want it to be. We want to make sure that there is a Basi del Diablo wine for everybody. A sweet red, a blush wine, etc, need to be  available. I believe we have already fulfilled those but there are other wine classifications that we need to work on. We do not have a proper bubbly yet, for example,” Sigrid Salucop says.

When asked if the new wine will be sparkling, she said she “cannot reveal anything about it just yet.” Sissel, who still serves as the company’s finance chief despite being based in Australia, says that Sigrid Salucop has always been very secretive. She hinted, however, that she knows what’s in the pipeline as these have been in the plans for several years.

Will Salucop be introducing a bubbly soon? I am guessing that we will have to wait.


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