A Message of Hope from Basi del Diablo

The team here at Basi del Diablo knows that you are all going through a very tough time and like us, you are patiently waiting for this pandemic to end. The virus has caused enormous changes to our lives and has unequivocally disrupted the world that we have built. It has brought grief to some and financial nightmares to many.

We condole with those who have lost loved ones to this disease. May you find comfort and peace despite not being able to say your goodbyes. We also fervently hope that you will be shielded from any more pain as you have been through so much. To those of you who have been exposed to the virus, thank you for telling your doctors and nurses the truth. You have saved lives. The truth, we believe, is what we can rely on during such trying times and we are grateful to you. We wish for you to be strong and to never lose hope.

We are grateful to everyone who are staying at home. You have been put in difficult circumstances but please remember that your sacrifices will never be forgotten. You are helping the world protect the vulnerable and are sparing many from the pain of losing those who are closest to them. And while self-isolating may be frustrating, you may have discovered that staying home with loved ones presents a lovely opportunity to bond and to slow down.

We all feel a sense of separation from the world at this point. We miss our friends and our loved ones who are far away but we also know staying at home is the right thing to do. Thank you for doing just that.

We would also like to thank those on the frontline; our healthcare workers, police and military forces, government employees and officials, and all individuals carrying out essential roles. Thank you all for selflessly supporting the rest of society. May you have the strength and the will to carry on.

We will succeed against this disease together with hopes that we remain determined and united in the process. We believe that in years to come, all of us will take pride in the things that we are doing now. Those who will hear stories about this generation will say that we were resolute in this fight and that we had self-discipline.

To those who have been kind to others during this crucial part of our history, your inspiring stories have fueled and will fuel our will to go on. May your tribe increase and may your heartwarming actions be paid back and paid forward. The moment that we realise that we are all in this together will always be a good day, one that we will remember and celebrate for years.

We take comfort in the fact that better days will come but for now, we must endure. We will see each other again very soon.



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