Red Wine During Lockdown? Scientists Say Yes, The Law Says Nein

Disclaimer: There is a liquor ban in the Province of Ilocos Norte which means that selling and drinking alcoholic beverages is illegal for the time being. It is also important for wine enthusiasts to know that the World Health Organization warned that alcohol in general is “an unhelpful coping strategy” for the global health crisis we are in.

The debate on whether wine is an essential during trying times has gone on and on the past few days. It understandably received little to no attention as there are far more complex problems that need to be solved.

However, given that the lockdown is the longest weekend the world has ever had, having a few bottles of red wine in your cupboard might prove to be useful. Why? A new study says that red wine is good for your gut and by extension, good for your immune system.

Researchers say that red wine has a positive effect on gut microbiome. This ecosystem in the gut plays a crucial role in a person’s health, according to the study, as it helps boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve one’s mood.




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