Does Wine Count As An ‘Essential’ When You Have To Be Stuck At Home?

There is nothing like a global health emergency that helps us mortals determine what is important. For me, it is family, health, and access to rice but in the evenings, when there is nothing left to do but watch Netflix, I realise that I also need wine. This is not only because I make wine but because I have always loved wine in general. It is one of the best inventions yet that is why it is considered essential in a number of places. Not here though but that’s alright.

There is good news for other winemakers though because in France, wine is an essential. According to an article published by the Washington Post, the French government shut down most businesses except for food shops, bakeries, butchers, fine grocers, and tobacco shops. Wine can still be bought, according to French authorities as it is a cultural priority. While some winemakers think that it is better to have a break on the vin at this time, the French won’t have it. There is something wonderful about this decision because it boosts morale and gives people confidence that things will get better soon.

A Rocky Start

The brand, along with other brands around the world, had a rocky start this year and the public health emergency that the world is facing now is adding to the stress. Things have halted in our neck of the woods but I assume that winemakers like me are going to ride it out by drinking a small portion of the inventory while planning for the future. I believe that we must look ahead in times like these. There is a better world waiting for us after this pandemic because through it, we are re-learning what we may have already forgotten.

Apart from the usual difficulties that the wine industry faces, one unique one that Basi del Diablo has to face is the fact that wine drinking is not the norm in this country. This means that it is definitely not an essential and not something that our fellow Filipinos will be buying for the month-long community quarantine. This is understandable. There are more important things that Filipinos need to buy. While Basi del Diablo will take a financial hit during the lockdown, we are hopeful for the future.





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