Wine is for Romance and You Need it on Your First Date

First date? A lot of things can go wrong and you know it. All the potential blunders are just around the corner, plotting to ruin your shot at love. As Murphy’s Law dictates,“things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance” but this time around, you won’t be on your own because wine can work for your cause if you let it. This wonderful invention has the street cred of being sexy and I am not just saying it because of Basi del Diablo Wines. 

Wine is associated with seduction and Greek gods agree. Among the Greek gods, Dionysus is its biggest supporter because he is the god of wine. Incidentally, he is also a god of fertility which means that there is no better god to call on on your first date than Dionysus.   

Wine’s street cred has spanned generations. In vino veritas, latin for “in wine lies the truth,” has been quoted by numerous philosophers and poets across generations, emphasising the drink’s ability to reveal the drinker’s desires. This allusion to wine is everywhere. It is in literature, songs, and films. James Bond, despite his charms, employed Dom Perignon in some of his conquests. Modern bards like Iggy Pop sang about white wine in “Fall in Love with Me”. One of the lines of the upbeat song says, “White wine and you, a table made of wood, and how I wish you would, fall in love with me”. The great William Shakespeare also talked about wine in his 40-or-so plays. 

Art seems to be on our side when it comes to wine and its capabilities. There is better news though. Science supports this claim too because The Journal of Sexual Medicine noted in 2009 that there is a correlation between wine and sexual health.

Whether you believe in all these or not, remember that the power of suggestion is quite..uh..powerful. 


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