Basi del Diablo Wines in Fort Ilocandia Restaurants by February

Ilocano wine brand Basi del Diablo will be available at Fort Ilocandia’s restaurants this coming February, according to the hotel. The homegrown product has been carried by the Laoag-based establishment since the former’s earlier years but was only displayed at the Pasalubong (Souvenir) shop. By February 2020, the wine brand produced by Salucop Group will be available in every restaurant inside the hotel. 

Sigrid Salucop, the company’s CEO and resident winemaker for Basi del Diablo says that “the move will make it easier for guests to see the wines and actually pair them with the food served at the hotel’s restaurants”. 

“This is a happy occasion for us. We have maintained a very good relationship with Fort Ilocandia and now, we will be supplying wines to more establishments within the hotel. We intend to make this partnership last,” Salucop adds. 

Salucop Group is thankful to Fort Ilocandia for taking the brand on in its earlier years. According to her, “nobody knew about the brand back then” but the hotel willingly opened its doors to the wines. 

Basi del Diablo has six different types of wine: Basi Maria, Ambaristo, Basi Puro, Basidina, De La Bodega, and Virginia Blush.



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