Why You Should Drink Basi at Fort Ilocandia

Basi in its purest form needs to be enjoyed in an Ilocano setting. With Basi Puro carried by Fort Ilocandia Hotel since the former’s earlier years, drinking basi in a place that showcases the culture of Ilocandia can be experienced with relative ease. All you need to do is get to the hotel. (However, if you are not in Ilocos Norte, you may have to get on a plane or a bus first to do so.)

Fort Ilocandia is the grandest hotel in Ilocos Norte and it is second to none when it comes to architecture. This old brick building shows off Ilocos’ Spanish roots. As with any Spanish-inspired structure in the north, the hotel has that distinctive Mediterranean feel to it. The fact that it sits by the sea reminds one of Spanish coastal towns – the ones with streets and buildings that can pass for works of art.

Despite its distance from Spain, Fort Ilocandia’s architecture is a testament to the Filipino-Spanish link that gave the Ilocos and the rest of the country a distinct “flavour”.

Fort Ilocandia comes with a beautiful courtyard and a huge fountain right in the middle. Its garden is vast and its beachfront encourages even the laziest of people to walk along the beach.

With all of that said, drinking wine while enjoying all of these things can be a wonderful sensory experience. 

Fort Ilocandia Resort also carries other Basi del Diablo brands such as De La Bodega, Virginia Blush, Ambaristo, Basi Maria, and Basidina.


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