Winemakers Recycle Used Wine Boxes, Call It ‘A Win-Win’

Resident winemakers of Basi del Diablo Wines Sigrid Salucop and her sister Sissel are calling for donations in the form of old wine boxes, a move that is aligned with the company’s vision on sustainable development.

The move is not new, according to Salucop Group, as the business has been reusing corrugated cardboard boxes from other brands for a long time. “This is the right thing to do considering that it is in our interest to take better care of the environment. Having boxes produced or buying them new only adds to our carbon footprint,” Sigrid Salucop, who also serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer says.

“There is no resistance from the board because who would go against this? Our parents and grandparents taught us to be mindful of the environment and to not be wasteful. This is natural for us,” Salucop adds.

Sissel Salucop, who also serves as the company’s finance chief is also excited about this announcement. “On the financial side, this is a good thing, too,” she says. “It saves us a lot of money. You have to consider the impact this makes financially and since it is also a wonderful thing to do for the environment, we call it a win-win.

Carboard is a “readily recyclable material,” according to Recycling Works, a company in Massachusetts. In an article written by the organization, Recycling Works said that recycling cardboard is “good for the planet,” noting that it “helps conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials, and creates jobs.”

If you have corrugated boxes available, you can donate them at Salucop Group’s retail shop Wilfred’s or contact the winemakers. The company notes, however, that waxed, soiled, and wet cardboard boxes are not recyclable and should be sent to the proper disposal sites.


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